Here are some famous Indian arts forms!!!

In Detail About Artforms.

Madhubani Painting.

Madhubani painting is one of the most popular painting in the world form very ancient time .Madhubani is said to date back when ramayana is going on. where sita father king janka asked the artist to capture his daughter wedding with prince ram .this painting is basically done by indian women's on festival days .this painting is a traditional indian art which is made on canva ,cloth,waste hand paper this various tools are required like brushes,fingures,nibpen,matchstricks. The madhubani style of painting is from madhuban bihar

Warli Painting.

warli painting is mostely created by tribal people from north range in india.this is a art form which is basically originated from maharasthra.where it is still going on ,the warli culture is basically based on the concept of mother nature,this painting is done by tribal people by using clay,hits as the drop for there paintings. In this painting only basic colors are required

Kalamkari Painting.

Kalamkari is basically originated from andhra pradesh (as this state is well khow for there traditinal cloth desginetc) Kalamkari is a art of painting an cloth and derive in the name of kalam,means pen and brush,.this is a color ful painting from 3000BC ,according to historians,kalamkari art was basically found at the archeological during MOHENGO-DARO but this painting is recognished during mughal era. in this type of painting you only required basic color and a sheet of papers

Mineature painting

Mineature painting was first started taking from west india during 17th century AD ,firstly this painting is done on plam leaves and later the work was done on the paper ,minature painting is a traditional style of art that is made in very detailed way this painting is much smaller in size than normal painting ,this painting must covered liss than 25squar icluding or 100 squar cm. the color of this style of painting is home made and its is made up of vegitables ,minerles,shells,pure gold ,etc this style of painting is associated with the melodies of indian classical music.

Rangoli art .

rangoli is very popular things which everybody make in there house during festive seasons.the purpose of rangoli is to fill strength and it is said that rangoli bring good luck .rangoli also know as kokam is a folk art from india.basically rangoli color are made up of dry or wet powered rice or dry flour or haldi and other natural this you only need to drow your imagination on flour by using dry powered colours

Nature painting

Nature painting is basically that painting which is made on nature ,scenery etc ,natural painting also refers to landscape painting or scenery painting ,in this only basic colours are required ,this painting is much more easy than any other painting.

Abstract art.

Abstract art is the art which does not required any shape, gesture etc. the main feature of abstract art is that it has no recognizable subject in abstract art 6 elements are included,line,texture,shape, color,and value. its basically required oil poster colour.

Mandala art work.

Mandala is sanskrit for circle or discode object it is geometric design that holds a grate deal of symbolism in hindu and buddhist culture.

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